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There are many types of massage, and seemingly just as many locations offering spa massage therapy in New Jersey today.

Why is this? Why are so many people – including medical professionals – fans of massage therapy? What are the benefits of massage and how can you enjoy these benefits yourself?

More Than Relaxation

When most of us think of massage, we think of a relaxing half an hour on a table or chair. Getting a massage is a great way to release tension from both the muscles and the mind. It gives you a chance to relieve some of the aches and pains that might come with a busy day and allows you a break from that same chaos.

However, massage is good for more than just relaxation. Indeed, the health benefits that massage brings during and after a session are some of the biggest reasons so many people enjoy them regularly.

Improving Health in Many Ways

How exactly does massage therapy improve your health? Let’s begin with the massage session itself.

During your massage, your circulation will be improved. Improved circulation can help with numerous health issues, including problems with the skin, muscles, and other tissues. It may also improve immune function, although this will be more evident over time with regular sessions.

Once your massage is over, you will keep enjoying health benefits. Some of these positive after-effects include:

  • Better, more effective sleep
  • Less pain and stiffness
  • Improving energy and alertness

Evidence is also mounting through scientific study that regular massage may help with lowering heart rate, improving blood pressure, and even helping with mental health concerns. The deep relaxation that happens during and after a massage may help to enhance healing after surgery, sports injuries, and other trauma to the body, and can help women who are recovering from childbirth to feel better faster.

Your individual results with massage will vary, of course. But even a short session of spa massage therapy can leave you feeling better – and looking forward to your next massage!