Avanti Day Resort captivates guests with an enchanting salon, world-class spa, nail emporium, executive retreat for men, café, concierge services and boutique, all in an intoxicating ambiance.


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Nail Technician
An artist at heart, Darlene has been a licensed Nail Technician since 1989. She started doing her friends' nails back in grade school … using scotch tape, toothpicks, and acrylic paint for artwork. During her early years in the industry, Darlene viewed clients' nails as blank canvases; painting everything from comic book characters and cartoons to abstract art. She started as a Nail Artist but expanded her love for the spa atmosphere by working as a spa coordinator, front desk reception and guest services. Throughout her years, she experienced many aspects of the salon and spa business, but her heart was always brought back to the manicurists' table. She jumped at the opportunity to join the amazing Avanti team! Darlene is always interested in learning new techniques and educating herself on new products and services. She loves to make people look and feel beautiful because beauty is the illumination of the soul. Favorite Quote: Chase your dreams in a killer pair of heels, with perfectly painted nails.