Avanti Day Resort captivates guests with an enchanting salon, world-class spa, nail emporium, executive retreat for men, café, concierge services and boutique, all in an intoxicating ambiance.

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Step inside an exclusive world of serene luxury. Experience the Spa at Avanti, a masterful orchestration of restorative treatment, healing rituals, botanical products and native remedies found around the globe. Join us to experience a place where every feature and detail transports one to a world of unsurpassed services and pampering. At Avanti Spa, you will experience the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation, nourishing both the body and soul.

The Razul Signature Experience:

For One $300 or For Two $480

Inspired by the ancient cleansing rituals of the ancient harems the Razul Chamber is a private room made from beautiful European blue and green tile. The ceiling of the Razul is a dome-shaped starry sky which releases soft rain down onto indulging partakers. Upon entering, couples apply different colored wet earths to cite specific parts of the body. Then the lights dim and the starry sky of our dome creates’ a planetarium of pure relaxation. You will then shower off in our multi-jet standing Vichy shower, and end your experience with a butter crème massage & butter crème flotation ritual. Come experience, the only Razul Chamber on the East Coast!  Razul Experience can be accommodated for 1 to 4 people. Please call us for extended pricing. Prices include a 20% Gratuity and a Spa Lunch
Sea of Senses: 60min ~ $120
Come escape to a world where gravity does not exist, and the mind is rendered worry-free. These lavish wraps are performed on a special floatation bed that suspends your body in warm, comforting water while you stay totally dry. This is an exquisite womb-like feeling which allows your body to slip into natural alignment. A submerged lighting system, chromo therapy, and underwater hydro-jets providing a soothing lymphatic drainage massage, completely relaxes you as your body absorbs the healing benefits of your chosen treatment. Each ritual includes a full-body exfoliation massage followed by a rinse/steam in our standing Vichy Shower and ends in our exclusive multi-sensory floatation. Choose one of the following to be deeply absorbed into your skin during your treatment: Butter Cream Melt: goat butter, primrose, olive, castor, wheat germ oil Primrose Cocoon: crème, evening primrose oil, macadamia, wheat germ
Rain Forest Vichy: 60min ~ $140
Escape to a therapeutic rainforest! Feel the power of pure relaxation and restoration as nine shower heads pulsate down like raindrops dancing along the spine. A cushioned table allows you to rest and relax while nourishing and nutrient rich natural sea salts gently buff away dry skin. Warm aromatherapy oils hydrate and sweep you into total relaxation. Finished off with a dry oil mist. You’re left with soft, glistening, and re-hydrated skin! Choose from: Relax, Invigorate, Slimming
European Body Facials: 60min ~ $165
Whatever your body is in need of, detoxifying, re-mineralizing, moisturizing, rejuvenating, anti-cellulite or just relaxing; you’ll find a body facial specifically for you! Our inviting choices include: Shea Butter Melt: re-hydrating, restructuring, softening Au Chocolate: anti-cellulite, slimming, sensorial, hydrating Olioil: anti-cellulite, reducing, firming stimulates collagen-elastin Seaweed: anti-cellulite, de-toxing, slimming, mineralizing These luxurious treatments include a full body exfoliation, toner, steam, massage, mask, & moisturizer. Recommended once a month with your regular facial.
Ionithermie: $190 

(Series of 6 $1245 ~ includes take-home products) 

Involves the use of a hand-held device that transmits 2 gentle forms of low-level stimuli through a body mask of conductive clay. The treatments have proven to provide immediate inch-loss, boost circulation and lymph drainage, cleanse at a cellular level and tone and firm underlying muscles.
Thermofango: $180 (Series of 6 ~ $930)
Complete reducing and slimming effects thanks to the action of Fango, also called marine oak, a brown algae rich in iodine that stimulates increased metabolism. With the Dermophisiologique Method, metabolic stimulation targets the area of Thermofango application by stimulating the skin’s microcirculation, restoring cellular exchange and draining lymphatic circulation. Borage, camphor, fucus and savory purify and disintoxicate by stimulating perspiration, and increasing diuresis and lymphatic draining.
Algae Slimming Treatment w/Bandages:

$180 (Series of 6 ~ $930)

An anti-cellulite treatment using a combination of Dead Sea Salts, concentrated physio-extracts and body bandages. This sea salt has the highest saline concentration (27% to other seas’ 3%) and is potassium-rich and sodium poor. Chemical-physical characteristics of Osmoderm Salts stimulate ionic cellular exchange through osmosis and energetic equilibrium in the cellular membrane. Favors the elimination of adipose deposits, noticeably moisturizes skin and stimulates cutaneous microcirculation.
Lypossage®: Prices available

upon complimentary consultation

Lypossage® Massage Modality is a non-invasive manual alternative to other body contouring, healthy ageing and detoxifying methods. It was designed to help with detoxification and dimension loss in women. All-natural body contouring treatment…Figure imbalances like cellulite and bulges respond readily to Lypossage.