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Salt Room Therapy New Jersey

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A Salt Room is short for Himalayan Salt Room, also known as a Salt Cave and is ultimately an artificial replica of an authentic salt mine microclimate. A salt room creates a hypo-allergenic and allergen-free environment, which is both temperature and humidity-controlled. The micron-sized salt particles are antibacterial and anti-fungal and thus have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.


What is a Salt Cave?
A Salt Room is an artificial replica of an authentic salt mine microclimate. It consists of a temperature and humidity controlled environment hosting a rich salt aerosol atmosphere, that is completely consumed by and constructed with Himalayan salt. The atmosphere inside the room is between 66 – 67 degrees Fahrenheit at a humidity level of 30% or less.

The healing benefits of salt therapy can be noticed after a single session, as many patrons report feeling rejuvenated immediately following a session. We recommend regular salt therapy sessions, 3 times per week or more for optimal health.

What are the Benefits of a Salt Room?
Salt healing is an age-old practice that offers profound halotherapy therapeutic health benefits, including boosting the immune system, healing various respiratory and skin conditions, anti-aging, and a greater sense of well-being. To enjoy the benefits of halotherapy, a patron typically relaxes in a salt room for a period of 20 – 60 minutes.

Proven Results
Here you will find a comprehensive list of studies that prove the efficacy of salt therapy. Each of the studies confirms various aspects of salt room therapy and their proven benefits including:

  • Atmospheric salt aerosol ionizes the air
  • Halotherapy is antibacterial
  • Halotherapy benefits skin diseases

Salt room therapy sessions can be combined with other services such as massage therapy. Please call the spa to upgrade your session.

Please note: A 6.875% Sales Tax will be applied to the Massage portion only on any services that include a massage.