Avanti Day Resort captivates guests with an enchanting salon, world-class spa, nail emporium, executive retreat for men, café, concierge services and boutique, all in an intoxicating ambiance.

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Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting & Contouring Services

Prepare to be pampered with our award winning spa services that will keep you content for weeks to months!

Men can be pampered too!

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    Avanti Reviews

    I had an amazing experience at Avanti!! I received a 50 minute Swedish massage and spa manicure and pedicure. I had read reviews before going because I’ve never been there before, I have to say...form your own opinion! There were some negative comments which made me concerned, however I did not experience even one bad thing, I was delighted and relaxed from start to finish! And that’s why I felt obligated to write my own review ? You feel like your somewhere else, the atmosphere is so serene and everyone was so friendly and helpful. Everyone took their time and it genuinely felt like they enjoy what they do. It is definitely high end, and probably costs more than you can get some of the services elsewhere, but the quality of the services and the atmosphere and amenities is what definitely makes the difference. I’m so glad I got to go and learn about Avanti, I don’t get to pamper myself as often as I like, so this will be the perfect treat every month or so!

    Gina Pasquince
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    Avanti Reviews

    Very nice spa. The staff is friendly. The relaxation room is amazing. I had a hemp oil massage and it was one of the best massages I have had. Ask for Hope, she does an amazing job. I have back issues and fibromyalgia and she knew exactly where my problem areas were. They have beds with a water layer that is warm. I live in Union County and it was worth the drive. Will definitely be back.

    Jennifer Borski
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    Avanti Reviews

    I get a massage at a day spa for the environment and this is oozing environment!! What a beautiful place. With COVID restrictions I wasn't able to lounge in the quiet room but it was gorgeous. I treated myself to an 80 minute massage and Igor was excellent!! That warm water table was a very pleasant surprise. Then to turn over and have a beautiful lamp to look at made my whole birthday!! There were price changes and wrong information and a nearly forgotten hair appointment after that, but overall I enjoyed myself and know now to get each person to clarify their costs up front and confirm what I scheduled. The O2 facial was nice but not priced as advertised. Then to have to wear a mask during my hair appointment just undid the benefits of the $220 facial. I will be back even if it is just for a massage because it is pretty.

    Jolie Daugherty
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