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You have a long list of things to do before you walk down the aisle in New Jersey.

That includes finding a makeup service to help you get ready for your wedding day. If you want to book one soon, here are tips to make it easier for you.

Check Out Salons

If you have no idea where to go, check out salons. Some are independent. Some are attached to establishments like resorts and hotels. You’ll want to go over those options and see which ones offer excellent services for wedding bridal makeup in New Jersey.

Ask for Work Samples

You’ll want to look at some of the work of the makeup artist. Ask for a link to their online portfolio if possible. Do you like their style? Be sure to tell them what kind of style you’re looking for, so they can send samples that are as close as possible to what you want.

Talk About the Level of Service

What kind of assistance do you want? Do you want retouches? Usually, makeup artists can only retouch you three times. Get the specifics of the service, so you’ll know what to expect, if you need to request extra services, and what might cost you extra.

Set the Date and Time

You likely already have a time and date picked out for your wedding. Book the makeup artist and their team early on. That way, you can find other options if the makeup artist isn’t available on that date.

Book Them Early

If you’ve already found the one you like, the sooner you reserve their services, the better. Choosing one too close to the date could leave you with less than stellar options.

Consider Sanitation Practices

Ask how the makeup artist ensures sanitation and hygiene quality standards. Do they have disposable sponges for you and your group? You wouldn’t want them to use the same sponge for everyone, for instance.